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My Scrapbook Room...

I have had so many questions/email regarding my scrapbook bookcase, that I decided to put together a PDF tutorial on how I created my paper bookcase using the Ikea Expedit system.

Please be advised that this tutorial has been prepared using the Expedit system from Ikea, using the 2X4 system, but is easily customizable to fit the 1x1 slot or larger, all the way up to the 4x4 configuration. In addition, I suspect this will work just fine with the Ikea Kallax system (both appear to be similar in composition and materials), however, I make no guarantees as I have not drilled into that system.

Again, thanks so much for showing interest. If you would like to continue and purchase this easy tutorial, please send $5 via Venmo to (this email address) or email me for other options.

Let me know if you have any questions at all, either before, during or after the tutorial. Looking forward to seeing your finished bookcases!!!

***END EDIT*** done! Miguel picked up the glass for the desktop and we put it in place today. Check out pics below.


This is my desk from the Expedit furniture system through IKEA. I love the wideness of it; it gives me ALOT of room to spread out. The only downside was the texture of the top- which is why I added a glass top.


This Bookshelf (also from Expedit @ Ikea) sits behind me and the desk. I love this bookcase system because it's great for storing scrapbook supplies.


This paper bookcase is my pride and joy. It is the bookshelf below (on its side). I drilled holes on the sides and added brackets to create slots for paper. I love this paper bookcase. I Iooked EVERYWHERE for something pre-made and nothing worked. It was either too expensive, flimsy, or ugly. I got this idea walking through Lowe's one day. And it's perfect - the dimensions are ideal for 12X12 paper and it matches the other furniture.

*Edited to add*
Because I received so many inquiries on my bookcase (thank you all), I created a quick and easy tutorial on how I converted the bookcase into my paper bookshelf. See latest posts on the comments below for how to get a copy of Tutorial, if you’re interested!! :)


Another Expedit bookshelf, lying on its side. This is used for storage, but it is also my printing area. :) See the shiny new printer - I had to finish my room with a new one! All I need now is to upgrade my camera and we are good to go!!!


And finally, my embellishment center. I love this because now when I am working on something, I can just grab and use. And it looks great too! Neat, and organized.

So, yea - thats my new room. Can't wait to get started working on some new layouts!!!
Tags: brown, embellishment center, ikea expedit system, making memories carousel, paper bookcase, scrapbook room
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